Tourism for Transformative and Inclusive Growth

Most African countries face significant challenges and constraints in exploiting the potential of tourism services in trade and economic development. The Economic Development in Africa Report 2017 aims to identify key barriers and impediments to unlocking the potential of tourism in Africa to help transform the continent’s economy structurally,  and provides policy recommendations on how those barriers and impediments could be addressed. The focus is on the following four challenges:

  1. Strengthening intersectoral linkages.
  2.  Enhancing the capacity of tourism to foster more inclusive growth
  3. Tapping the potential of intra regional tourism through deepening regional integration.
  4. Harnessing peace and stability for tourism. The Economic Development in Africa Report 2017 examines some of the underlying policy issues of the tourism sector and provides policy guidance on how tourism could contribute to the continent’s structural transformation.

Some of the key questions addressed in the report include:

  • How does tourism contribute to structural transformation and more inclusive growth?
  • How can linkages between tourism and other productive sectors be harnessed to create additional economic opportunities and provide sustainable livelihoods?
  • How can the economic potential of intraregional tourism be fostered and better exploited through deeper regional integration
  • What is the relationship between tourism and peace?

Read the full report here.