A Review Of The Leading Technology Ecosystems And Opportunities Across Africa.


The State of Play publication by the African Technology Foundation provides a continental, regional, and industry specific look at the evolution of technology ecosystems on the African continent. Beginning with an overview of the general growth trends within the continent, the report highlights the youthful population and the bias towards innovation and entrepreneurship, and sets the stage for a deep-dive into the key technology and innovation activities that are driving the continent forward.


Several perspectives are utilized to identify key catalysts for growth, and explore industry specific opportunities for development across the continent’s main geographic regions. The report also utilizes first experience testimonials and op-ed pieces from key stakeholders along the technology and innovation value chain.


The regional summaries in the report allow for the diversities of Africa’s major regions to come to the fore. Overview summaries and country specific analyses are presented to offer specific insights to the major opportunities across the continent. At the national level, the report also presents the policies and environments that foster or hinder the growth of technology and innovation.


Finally, the report presents the Silicon Valley ecosystem through the lens of direct African engagements, and examines the critical success factors of the Silicon Valley ecosystem as compared to innovation ecosystems in Africa. The report celebrates the incremental success of African startups in Silicon Valley, and highlights a variety of stakeholders that have successfully engaged the investor networks in Silicon Valley.