Register to attend ADIS 2018

Here are five Reasons to Attend African Diaspora Investment Symposium 2018:

1) African Diaspora Investment Symposium is a catalyst for learning, networking, and building professional partnerships.

2) ADIS has been a blueprint for diaspora-driven initiatives since our first signature convening. Come and hear Amadou Duffy, co-founder & CEO of Gebeya share his take on ADIS.

3. Celebrate Afropioneers and Afro-Innovators. The 2018 edition of the African Diaspora Investment Symposium, the African Technology Foundation and the African Diaspora Network will co-present the inaugural African Diaspora Tech Awards in Silicon Valley to recognize our own technology pioneers, and amplify the ventures of young upcoming entrepreneurs.

4) Our 2018 theme, “Magnifying What is Within,” is responsive and relevant to pressing needs including the growth of the Continent. By 2050, Africa is expected to have a population of 2.4 billion. Be a part of a community that seeks to co-create and re-imagine what Africa can be in 2050.

5) Participate in Design Thinking and workshops on Channels and Vehicles for Investing in Africa led in partnership with leading institutions like the University of California, Davis and Santa Clara University’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

Follow the link to register.