LIONS@FRICA Innovation Tour

What is the LIONS@FRICA Innovation Tour?

The LIONS@FRICA Innovation Tour is a flagship initiative of LIONS@FRICA that provides DEMO Africa winners with a platform to engage with leading Silicon Valley stakeholders. The objective of the tour is to present these entrepreneurs with the networking opportunities that will yield deeper engagements between the LIONS and their target partners. The tour is centered around an internationally recognized entrepreneurship event or summit, and the LIONS also participate in a series of curated events and meetings with industry experts across the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem. All of the participating companies get multiple opportunities to pitch their products, services, and technologies to select groups of investors, industry leaders, diaspora groups and expert panels. Scroll below to read highlights from the 2017 and 2016 LIONS Innovation Tours.

2017 LIONS@FRICA Innovation Tour Re-cap

2016 LIONS@FRICA Innovation Tour Re-cap