Mapping Ecosystems

The LIONS@FRICA partnership has identified that while there are countless stakeholders operating in the entrepreneurial ecosystems of the countries in Africa, these have never been identified and mapped. LIONS is setting out to accomplish the bold goal of mapping the ecosystem of all 54 countries in an effort to enhance communication, improve efficiency and provide a cohesive tool for the continued growth of entrepreneurship in these countries.

The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem refers to the elements – individuals, organizations or institutions  that are conducive to, or inhibit, the choice of a person to become an entrepreneur, or the probabilities of his or her success following launch. Organizations and individuals representing these elements are referred to as entrepreneurship stakeholders. Stakeholders may include government, schools, universities, private sector, family businesses, investors , banks, entrepreneurs, social leaders, research centers, military, labor representatives, students, lawyers, cooperatives, communes, multinationals, private foundations, and international aid agencies (Source Wikipedia)

Who is this for?

Community Builders

Focused on growing and connecting their local startup community

First Time Entrepreneurs

Trying to get plugged in to their country’s startup scene.

Startups & Investors

Trying to find talent, partners and each other.

Economic Researchers

Looking to better understand their city’s entrepreneurial climate.