Cognitive Computing – Spearheading the African Digital Transformation

Cognitive computing ushers in a new enterprise technology paradigm for Africa’s business and government leaders. This comes at a time when rapid urbanization has increased demand for key services and has opened an opportunity for the continent to leapfrog legacy systems into the future.

We are witnessing an environment where every piece of data produced by an organization needs to be and can be harnessed as useful and relevant business intelligence. We are seeing enterprises can capture and store a large variety of unstructured data, mine it and process it more accurately to allow for immediate and meaningful insights. This is helping provide timely data-driven information that will increase the organization’s ability to respond, innovate and compete.

The ICT infrastructure of any aspiring organization today must be able to deliver extreme performance to execute real-time analytics on large volumes of big data. The availability of high-performance computing and cloud infrastructure can be tailored for cognitive workloads—including servers with hardware accelerators, low-latency flash storage, and intelligent workload management—that can help business set the pace for innovation by cutting hours of data analysis to milliseconds as well as making the ability to take action on data in real-time a reality.

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