Mark Green confirmed USAID Administrator

WASHINGTON – August 4, 2017 – Ambassador Mark  Green was recently confirmed as Administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Ambassador Green previously served as President and CEO of IGD. IGD is an influential network of African and global business leaders who are committed to sustainable development and inclusive growth through business investment in Africa.

“Mark Green is a true friend of Africa and he takes on the USAID Administrator position during a time of tremendous growth and economic potential across the African continent,” said Nedelcovych.

African born- and bred- companies are the engines of Africa’s growth, generating more than 80% of jobs on the continent.

“Ambassador Green recognizes and embraces the role of the private sector as a catalyst in fueling sustainable development,” said Nedelcovych.

“While at the helm of IGD, the Frontier Leader Network of African and global business leaders investing in Africa expanded under Ambassador Green. Today, our influential network of CEOs and senior executives from leading companies in Africa continues to grow, and they are leading the way in promoting business-driven development to create economic growth and opportunity.”

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