Inspiring Africa’s Next Generation of Coders

Only 1% of kids in developed countries leave schools with coding skills. In Africa, divide this number several times over. The number of African children taught coding, the language of computer programming, is virtually zero.  This is a LOST opportunity.

afriCoderDojo is a LIONS@FRICA partnership initiative to help teach 21st century coding skills to Africa’s youth. The concept is simple:  afriCoderDojo teaches young people to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and more while having fun. The partnership is based on the global CoderDojo movement and relies on a volunteer network of implementers and mentors to teach youth the basics of coding anywhere there is a computer and an internet connection.


afriCoderDojos are set up, run by and taught by real-world experts in coding and development at local schools, universities, companies, or innovation hubs across Africa.  The groups tap into CoderDojo’s vast global experience in teaching coding skills to youth and supplement core training curriculum by providing African youth opportunities to visit technology companies or innovation hubs, learn from guest speakers and mentors, and participate in coding camps and competitions.

In addition to learning to code, youth are given the opportunity to meet other kids with similar interests and work on projects in an environment with their peers around them.

afriCoderDojo is the result of a partnership between CoderDojo, the U.S. Department of State’s Global Partnership Initiative and the Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations (LIONS@FRICA) Partnership.

Partnership timeline

2013 (December)
CoderDojo Foundation and the US State Department agreed to roll out CoderDojo across Africa under the brand AfriCoderDojo .

Tanzania and Nigeria were chosen as the launch sites and a date of March 5th was set for both locations. The Tanzanian Dojo was to be run in a well-connected Business incubator and the Nigerian session was held at the new ICT suite that had been installed at Archbishop Taylor School in Lagos by the Oando Foundation. You can read about the project here .

The CoderDojo Foundation received funding from the US state department to support AfriCoderDojo. As part of this project we created brand new e-learning modules with the aim of education people about being a Coderdojo Mentor and all about the Coderdojo Ethos

Dojo Growth

There are currently 31 Dojos registered in Africa. We are hosting our annual survey on the 3rd of Nov to get a status update from these to see if they are active. Those that are unresponsive will be contacted directly as a follow up. Current amount of Dojos per country in Africa:

Get Involved

Parties interested in hosting or sponsoring an afriCoderDojo should apply now to host the next round of training camps. To apply, contact us.

Hosting an afriCoderDojo is simple:

      1. Get a suitable space with appropriate technology that can be opened one day a week without charges.
      1. Set a start date!
      1. Find two or more volunteer mentor coders to teach and inspire the kids.

Teaching best practices, training and implementation support will be provided by CoderDojo. It’s up to you to be as innovative and creative as possible to make the afriCoderDojo a success.

Additionally, we are looking for companies, innovation hubs, universities, investors, educators and others to provide the following resources:

      • Funding
      • Advertising support
      • Technology
      • Access to Internet
      • Space
      • Training
      • Mentorship
      • Time
      • Creativity