African media entrepreneurs take on Hollywood

Is Hollywood ready?

The African Technology Foundation (ATF) and the LIONS@FRICAInitiative, partnered with Relativity School, a division of Relativity Media, to launch a continent-wide educational program in film, media, and performing arts called Hollywood in Focus. Through this program, African media professionals are connected with leading U.S. entertainment professionals through mentorships, workshops and master classes that enhance their industry skills and business prowess.

Below is an excerpt from an article highlighting the evolution of the program.

“For many years, the international discourse regarding the African continent has been limited to war, famine, political corruption, and civic unrest. While these issues represent very real circumstances in Africa, it has left the rest of the world unaware of the continents richness in culture, lifestyle, and opportunity. Today, with the development of digital media platforms, we are witnessing an explosion of rich media content from the continent, and a progressive shift in the overall African narrative. African influence in popular culture and media can be found everywhere, from the sampling of African beats by chart topping global artists, to the leading roles played by the African diaspora in the creative and performing arts.

The beauty and diversity of the African experience is becoming demystified through the introduction of new technology platforms that are staring to increase the exposure of African media content on a global scale. While momentum is gaining in particular sectors, it is through the diversity of African representation across all sectors, from traditional journalism to entertainment television, that will ultimately solidify Africa’s place in the global narrative. There is a vast pool of untapped talent, unused content, and untold stories on the African continent that, when captured, will not only transform global perceptions of Africa, but ultimately add value and vibrancy to the global media industry.”

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