2018 Lions@frica Innovation Tour

The sixth edition of the Lions@frica Innovation Tour will be held in Silicon Valley California from February 10th – 18th, 2018.

The  LIONS Innovation Tour is focused on knowledge sharing with leading Silicon Valley stakeholders and networking opportunities that will yield deeper engagements between the LIONS and their target partners. The LIONS will participate in a series of events including StartUp Grind, and other curated side events across the Silicon Valley ecosystem. All of the participating companies will have multiple opportunities to pitch their products, services and technologies to select groups of investors, industry leaders, diaspora groups and expert panels.

Winners of DEMO Africa

DEMO Africa was held on November 23rd and 24th at the Birchwood Convention Center. The event was layered with pitches from the startups and panel discussions and fireside chats with key ecosystem stakeholders. The event attendees also included local and international venture stakeholders, including the Deputy General for the Department of Small Business Development,Ms. Edith Vries, who spoke in support of the conference and its importance on the South African economic landscape. The five (5) winners from last year’s competition were:

-MPost – Mpost is an innovative product that allows users to enjoy Postal Services athome by giving them access to letters and parcels wherever they are in Kenya.

-Rooster – Rooster is a South African startup that allows users to tailor their alarm clocksound with ‘roosters’ (personal audio notes) from friends and family or with fresh dailycontent from one of Rooster’s various alarm channels.

-SOS Sante – SOS Sante is a startup from Morocco that creates a hardware device thatdetects accidents in real time, and sends distress messages with location and medicalrecords to the driver’s closest medical contacts.

-Versecom – Versecom created GO SPOT, a free, reliable and easy to use ad supportedWi-Fi service that is provided in high cluster locations across Nigeria (parks, malls,public transportation stations) as a social amenity that is aimed at making daily livingmore pleasant and productive for their users.

-ZOA Tech – ZOA Tech is a Kenyan fintech company that works with institutions to develop agile digital platforms that allow their customers to efficiently manage their financial transactions.

These five companies will be joined by Focus Surveys, a runner-up that won an Innovation Tour sponsorship from Mr. Tomi Davies of the Lagos Angel’s Network. The DEMO winners will also be joined by five other startups namel: Jokko Sante, GiftedMom, Winsenga, Himore Medical and Lalibela Global. These additional startps were sponsored by the Microsoft4Afrika initiative and the African Technology Foundation(ATF).